Wednesday, August 28, 2013

How To Wash the Liner in Hello Kitty Crocs for Kids

My little princess is really thinking about asking for this pair of Hello Kitty Crocs/clogs on the right, but I wanted to be sure that it was easy enough to wash the liner in them.

Overtime, the Mammoth liners in Hello Kitty Crocs needs to be washed just as any piece of clothing, shoes, or other foot liners do.  However, special care must be taken when removing the liners so excess pressure is not applied to the rivets within the footwear.

You can flip the area of the liner near the heel to loosen the liner around the outside of the clog. Next, you can peel the liner back by placing your thumb on top of the rivet exterior, and then you can peel the liner back off of the rivet within the Croc shoe. You can repeat this same step for the other Croc shoe as well. Once you’ve removed the liners, you can then go ahead and clean them.

To clean the Crocs Mammoth liners, you must hand wash them. They’re much too delicate for machine washing and can risk damaging the liners.

Instead, use a small amount of mild dish soap on a moist rag to wipe away dirt. Do not under any circumstances use bleach as this can cause the liners to weaken and deteriorate. Once you’re done washing the Croc Mammoth liners, hang them on a drying line to air dry. You should not ever put them in a dryer, as the dryer’s heat will cause the liners to shrink.

Once the liners have completely dried, you may go ahead and place them back into the Crocs. To do this, you can put the liner over your hand, insert your hand into the shoe until the tips of your fingers touch the toe area of the Crocs, and then insert the exterior of the rivet through the alloted slot in the Mammoth liner.

Lastly, you can stretch the heel area of the Mammoth liner back over the heels of the Croc shoes, and then you can out them back on.

Sounds complicated to do, but it's really not.

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